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GirlBoss of the week

Get featured in our girlboss of the week column.

Here are some importance of getting featured on our blog and social media accounts: 

  1. You stand to gain increased visibility
  2. It is good for SEO
  3. It creates opportunities for you
  4. It is a form of marketing (free marketing in this case)
  5. It presents you to a wider audience
  6. This blog is focused at women, so, if your business serves women majorly, listing your profile on this blog will expose you to your target market
  7. We are working tirelessly to improve on this blog daily. What this means for you is that you will always be a part of each success we record
  8. Our website is visited by women all over the world, so you also gain exposure to international audience
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Did we say it’s free? Yes, it is!

Send your entry in the following format with an attachment of your favorite picture to gibhangout@gmail.com.

Please read our terms and condition here before you proceed.

  • Name 
  • Social media handles
  • Website link
  • What you do 
  • What a typical day looks like for you 
  • What does your typical hair/skincare routine/fitness routine look like
  • Biggest challenge in your business and how you overcame it 
  • What is your favorite mantra 
  • Parting words to motivate upcoming newbees in your industry 
  • Pitch your business in 50 words 
  • Shout out to one person who inspires you. 

Send your entry with an attachment of your favorite picture to gibhangout@gmail.com.

Your submission will be published on our blog, Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram and Twitter. We will also repost one of your Instagram posts.

Please do not forget to read our terms and condition before sending your entry.

Thank you.

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