You are a new mum whose maternity leave is spent and it’s time to get back to work. This means spending hours away from your baby during work days.

If you have no option of keeping the baby at home with a family member nor have the privilege of taking him/her to work, you are probably left with the daycare option.

This post will show you the important areas to focus on when you go searching for a daycare.

1. The environment

Your baby deserves to be kept in a neat environment as that is where he/she would spend over 5 hours of his/her days five times a week.

So be a detective and take note of every minute detail. You might even create a checklist and cross out the following questions as necessary:

  • Is the environment neat?
  • Are the nursery rooms bright or gloomy?
  • Are there harmful objects lying around?
  • Is the area noisy or not?
  • Is there air pollution or not?

The list goes on. You must be satisfied at least up to 90% in terms of conducive environment before making the daycare your choice.

2. Childminder’s appearance

How is she dressed? Make sure you see her palms, fingernails, hair and her general appearance. You can judge a person’s hygiene from their appearance. Be free to make your judgement at first glance and do not look back if you are not satisfied.

You cannot be too choosy when finding a perfect daycare for your little one.

3. Facilities

Facilities range from social amenities to the items a baby needs to be comfortable. Are the cots well placed? Do they pass acceptable standards? What about the play area? Are the toys in that area neatly arranged?

Even if you would supply your baby’s toys and cot, the daycare center should at least be ready for good business and have their tools in place.

4. Decorum

For safety and security reasons, do not enrol your baby in a chaotic daycare environment. Ensure and take note of the following arrangements which must be available and functional in your daycare of choice.

  • Feeding area must be neat
  • How many children are paired per childminder?
  • Is the nursery choky and gloomy or airy and bright?
  • How were you admitted into the area? Was there any security vetting at the gate post?

Be concerned about how the workers conduct themselves and how they carry out their duties. Although, you may not be able to conclude just in few minutes if they are rude or kind but your motherly instincts will give you a glimpse of their real attitude at first meeting.

5. Proximity

In addition to the above points, your definition of finding a perfect daycare should be that your choice is close to your place of work. With this, you are able to check on your little one during office breaks.

Also dropping him/her in the morning and picking him/her up after close of work would be a smooth process.

While the above considerations​ are not exhaustive, they are basic arrangements that must be available at a standard daycare where safety and security is guaranteed.

Have you ever been in a position to put your child in a daycare after maternity leave? How was your experience in finding the perfect daycare for your baby?

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