There is no one size fits all approach to parenting but it is fun when there is seamless communication between you and your kids.

Good communication imparts values and fosters a kind of friendship that your children can always rely on when life happens.

It also helps to boost their self-esteem which goes a long way in setting them up for the future, in their career or personal life.

Below are five activities you can explore to boost communication between you and your kids while catching fun.

1. Bake muffin

Baking is always an enjoyable and good teamwork activity. When you bake with your kids, you are treating them as partners as well as presenting them with the opportunity to be creative. 

Kids love muffins, so baking with them and allowing them to choose ingredients are good ways​ to show them that their opinion matters in deciding what they love.

The downside is that they might suggest wrong ingredients. If this happens​, all you need do is refuse the item but let them know why it cannot go in the mix. This gesture can foster dialogue, which is a good communication skill that eradicates violence.

2. Stroll around the neighborhood

Instead of digging up all the housework on a free Saturday, you may put on some casuals and take lazy strolls around your neighbourhood. Talk about the weather, your neighbourhood layout and ask your kids open-ended questions.

You may also bring up interesting topics on the things you see as you walk. The atmosphere will set your kids in a relaxed mood thereby, making them free to share their opinions with you.

3. Plan meals together

If you use meal plans in your home, make planning time an opportunity to boost communication between you and your kids. As mentioned​ earlier, asking their opinions shows your kids that their views also matter.

So if you don’t do it already, start sitting with your kids when it’s time to plan meals.

If they suggest junks, grab it as a golden chance to lecture them on the side effects of junk foods and why they should always go for healthier options.

4. Visit the salon together

As we all know, the salon is a nice gossip house for women. If you are not in the mood to make gossip acquaintances, visit the salon with your kids and kill two birds with one stone.

One, with your soldiers in tow, you will avoid gossips; and two, you have the opportunity to talk with your children while at the salon and let them learn some few things about women beauty routine.

5. Play games

Pair up in teams and play fun games with your kids. While at it, let them know that a game is always a game; you win some, you lose some and that communication, either with oneself or opponents is the key to keep moving ahead in life.

How well do you communicate with your kids?

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